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My Life from Flowers (we are) 

Voice and piano: Francesca Fargion

Elsebet from Five Loud Portraits 

Rock band and 5 seated artists [15']

Conceived and directed by Burrows&Fargion

Sung portraits of 5 local artists, performed at Meteor Festival, Bergen, by Jonathan Burrows, Francesca Fargion and Matteo Fargion

10 ABA Pieces (no 1)

Piano [15’]

Written for Tim Parkinson

Music for The Question Room

Piano and slides  [60']

Installation commissioned by the Science Museum, London

Music for Two Quartets

Midi instruments, voices (Theo Clinkard, Sasha Roubicek, Tammy Arjona, Laurent  Cavanna)

Commissioned by Siobhan Davies Dance

Music for Long Day’s Journey into Night

Multi-tracked harmonium  [21’]

Incidental music for Elmar Goerden's production of Eugene O’Neill's  Eines langen Tages Reise in die Nacht for the Salzburger Festspiele/Residenztheater München

String Quartet no 4 (Bow Songs)

String quartet  [4’]

Part of The Bow Project, devised by Michael Blake, performed by the Nightingale Quartet

Music for Rodogune

Child's voice and electronics [16']

Incidental music for Elmar Goerden's production of Pierre Corneille play, for the Residenz Theater, Munich 

Voice: Francesca Fargion

You May Not Want To Be Here

Violin (Marc Sabat), prepared piano (Matteo Fargion), speaking voices. (Marc Sabat, Francesca Fargion) [30']

After a concept by Bruce Nauman, conceived and performed by Marc Sabat and Matteo Fargion at the Staatsgalerie, Stuttgart

Music for Aka Blue 

Multiple guitars [12']

Music for a dance piece by Karl Jay Lewin

Tosca Songs

Soprano, piano [19']

Beth Griffith  (soprano) and Dorothea Eppendorf (piano)

Senza Titolo (50 Pieces for violin and piano)

Charles Mutter (violin) and Sally Rose (piano

Eva, from Hungarian Songbook

Piano and voice: Matteo Fargion

Piece for 2 Pianos

Kevin Volans and Uwe Diegel, pianos

Piano Oboe Double Bass

Piano, oboe, double bass [8’]

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